New 2014 BSI members

The new 2014 BSI members are: » Peter McIntyre, “Arthur Cadogan West” » S. J. Rozan, “Imperial Palace of Peking” » Chris Music, “Wagner Night at Covent Garden” » Sonia Fetherston, “The Solitary Cyclist” » Mark Alberstat, “Halifax” » Jacquelynn Morris, “The Lion’s Mane” » Terry Hunt, “The Something Hunt”

New 2013 BSI members

The new 2013 BSI members are: » Rosane McNamara, “Lady Mary Brackenstall” » Tom Horrocks, “Colonel Sebastian Moran” » Mark Levy, “Don Murillo” » Daniel Ross, “Culverton Smith” » Stefano Guerra, “Count Negretto Silvius” » Philip Cunningham, “Abe Slaney” » Jan Burke, “The Most Winning Woman” » Franklin Saksena, “Jonathan Small”

New 2012 BSI members

The new 2012 BSI members are: » Mark Schwartz, “Thucydides” » Phil Bergem, “Birdy Edwards” » Helen Dorey, “Helen Stoner” » Don Hobbs, “Inspector Lestrade” » Mary-Anne Bradley, “Mary Morstan” » Peter Accardo, “Thorneycroft Huxtable” » Akane Higashiyama,”Baritsu” » Donald Zaldin, “John Hector McFarlane”

New 2011 BSI members

The new 2011 BSI members are: » Vincent Brosnan, “That Gap on the Second Shelf” » Lyndsay Faye, “Kitty Winter” » David Houle, “The British Museum” » Frank Ferry, “Dr. Leon Sterndale” » Peggy Perdue, “Violet Westbury” » Terence Faherty, “Sir Charles Baskerville”

New 2010 BSI members

The new 2010 BSI members are: » Tom Cynkin, “Lord Bellinger” » PJ Doyle, “Ettie Shafter” » Sir Christopher Fraylen, “Vernet” » Patricia Guy, “Imperial Tokay” » Laurie King, “The Red Circle” » Sarah Montague, “Violet Smith” » Daniel Valderrick, “Holloway and Steel” » Sally Sugarman, “The Three Gables” » Maria Carmen Veiga Hayzen, “Isadora…

New 2009 BSI members

The new 2009 BSI members are: » Bill Barnes, “The Gloria Scott” » Susan Dahlinger, “The Bruce-Partington Plans” » Robert Ellis, “The Illustrious Client” » Walter Jaffee, “The Resident Patient” » Allan Devitt, “The Dancing Men” » Greg Darak, “The Engineer’s Thumb” » Jeff Bradway, “A Case of Identity” » Michael Pollock, “The Blue Carbuncle”…

New! Update your infos yourself!

How to access your account? Two ways: 1- If you already have your photo on the Sherlockian Who’s Who, plz contact us ( so we can send your password before you can access your account and start update photos and profile. Your account is already registered, no need to register again. 2- If you don’t…

Your Who’s Who redesigned

Since the launch, in November 2001, the Sherlockian Who”s Who had some enhancements but no change about the look and feel. From today, not only the design has been updated to modern style, but there will be a major enhancement too in the next days. The ability for society secretaries to update themselves their galleries….

Society initials beside photos

As some people were complaining about having only the BSI initials after the name, we have decided to add the initials beside the photos rather. Thus, we can display more initials for sherlockians with several memberships. We hope this will satisfy every one. See example below: BSI JBSF SHSL SSHF +

Beyond Reichenbach Falls

This new gallery is dedicated to sherlockians who passed the Reichenbach Falls (meaning they died). We thought it was an hommage that they remains on the site to honour their memory as appreciated sherlockians. See the gallery: Beyond the Reichenbach Falls