CA, USA: The Improvised Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

The Synergy Theater, Walnut Creek, CA, USA. The Improvised Adventures of Sherlock Holmes Improvised two-act plays in a variety of genres and styles. Original performance at the beautiful Lesher Center for the Performing Arts and in September. This is a completely improvised play in the style of the original stories and novels by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Murder,…

NJ, USA: Sherlock Holmes and the Werewolf of London

Elaine’s Dinner Theater in Cape May, NJ, USA. Sherlock Holmes and the Werewolf of London New and original Holmes show premiering July 12th at Elaine’s Dinner Theater in Cape May. “Sherlock Holmes and the Werewolf of London” centers on a recently retired Holmes and the supernatural aura around some recent murders that drag him back…

New 2016 BSI members

The new 2016 BSI members are: Dana Cameron, “The Giant Rat of Sumatra” Bert Coules, “The Whole Art of Detection” John Durein, “Wilson, the Notorious Canary Trainer” Jenn Eaker, “Mary Sutherland” Jayantika Ganguly, “The Great Agra Treasure” Timothy S. Greer, “The Ragged Shaw” Will Walsh, “Godfrey Norton”

Beyond The Falls – John Farrell

John Farrell, a longtime theater, opera and classical music critic for the Los Angeles News Group, died Thursday May 7, 2015. He was 63. Easily recognized in the arts community for his theatrical style, which often included long jackets and a top hat, Farrell was known as a true and committed lover of music and…

New 2015 BSI members

The new 2015 BSI members are: Marino C. Alvarez, “Hilton Soames” Kiyoshi Arai, “The Shoso-in Near Nara” Jeffory Hart, “Henry Baker” Chrys Kegley, “Rachel Howells” Kristina Manente, “Grace Dunbar” Bill Mason, “White Mason” Emily Miranker, “Lady Hatty St. Simon” James O’Brien, “Knowledge of Chemistry. Profound”

New 2014 BSI members

The new 2014 BSI members are: » Peter McIntyre, “Arthur Cadogan West” » S. J. Rozan, “Imperial Palace of Peking” » Chris Music, “Wagner Night at Covent Garden” » Sonia Fetherston, “The Solitary Cyclist” » Mark Alberstat, “Halifax” » Jacquelynn Morris, “The Lion’s Mane” » Terry Hunt, “The Something Hunt”

New 2013 BSI members

The new 2013 BSI members are: » Rosane McNamara, “Lady Mary Brackenstall” » Tom Horrocks, “Colonel Sebastian Moran” » Mark Levy, “Don Murillo” » Daniel Ross, “Culverton Smith” » Stefano Guerra, “Count Negretto Silvius” » Philip Cunningham, “Abe Slaney” » Jan Burke, “The Most Winning Woman” » Franklin Saksena, “Jonathan Small”

New 2012 BSI members

The new 2012 BSI members are: » Mark Schwartz, “Thucydides” » Phil Bergem, “Birdy Edwards” » Helen Dorey, “Helen Stoner” » Don Hobbs, “Inspector Lestrade” » Mary-Anne Bradley, “Mary Morstan” » Peter Accardo, “Thorneycroft Huxtable” » Akane Higashiyama,”Baritsu” » Donald Zaldin, “John Hector McFarlane”

New 2011 BSI members

The new 2011 BSI members are: » Vincent Brosnan, “That Gap on the Second Shelf” » Lyndsay Faye, “Kitty Winter” » David Houle, “The British Museum” » Frank Ferry, “Dr. Leon Sterndale” » Peggy Perdue, “Violet Westbury” » Terence Faherty, “Sir Charles Baskerville”

New 2010 BSI members

The new 2010 BSI members are: » Tom Cynkin, “Lord Bellinger” » PJ Doyle, “Ettie Shafter” » Sir Christopher Fraylen, “Vernet” » Patricia Guy, “Imperial Tokay” » Laurie King, “The Red Circle” » Sarah Montague, “Violet Smith” » Daniel Valderrick, “Holloway and Steel” » Sally Sugarman, “The Three Gables” » Maria Carmen Veiga Hayzen, “Isadora…