Beyond the Falls – Yves-Charles Fercoq

The SSHF is sad to announce the death of our friend Yves-Charles Fercoq (1944 – 2018). He was a member of the Mini Tonga Society. He created two Holmesian doll houses: the Baker Street sitting-room and Nathan Garrideb’s house (see photo). He was one of the four founders of the “Société Sherlock Holmes de France”…

Meeting – 18 Nov. – The Nashville Scholars Of The Three Pipe Problem

The Nashville Scholars Of The Three Pipe Problem meeting with Drew Thomas On THE RIVALS of SHERLOCK HOLMES November 18, 2017 (Saturday) @ 11 AM CT @ Corkys in Brentwood 100 Franklin Road / Exit 74 off I-65 See these notes in preparation.   Billy Fields will also present: SHERLOCK HOLMES SCIONS and SOCIETIESWebsite:

Beyond the Falls – Patrick Campbell

The Bimetallic Question of Montréal has announced the death of longtime member Patrick Campbell, a loss also to the Bootmakers of Toronto and to Canada. He was 94, and active in the BMQ until a few weeks ago.

Meeting – Nov. 4 – The Sound of the Baskervilles

3rd Annual International Sherlockian Summit The Summit is a joint meeting of Sherlockian Clubs – drawing attendees from throughout the Pacific Northwest and beyond.  This is a social event, so plan to meet many old friends and some new folks. The cost is only the price of what you eat and drink!  All are welcome,…