About the Sherlockian Who’s WhoSherlockian Who's Who

The Sherlockian Who’s Who, created in november 2001 by Alexis Barquin (ACD, SSHF), is now supported by Thierry Saint-Joanis (SSHF, BSI).

The main goal of the Sherlockian Who’s Who is to allow sherlockians to put a face on a name. Worldwide sherlockians are corresponding via letters, emails, internet chatting or even phone, but they never had the chance to meet each other in « real life. » And there was a real demand about knowing more about their friends abroad. So, the Who’s Who is a good place to know more about the sherlockian from the societies in your own country and around the world.

If you wish to support this free website managed by benevolent sherlockians, you can make a paypal donation to donation@sh-whoswho.com or simply click on the Paypal button below: